American Pinball Releases Legends of Valhalla Classic


American Pinball recently announced Legends of Valhalla Classic edition, which will debut at this year’s Pinball Expo and subsequently at IAAPA Expo. The Classic version of the game will start to ship in early 2023.

“It has been a busy year since the launch of Legends of Valhalla Limited Deluxe in October 2021 on which we have continued working hard at producing in spite of challenges,” the company shared. “We would like to thank Scott Gullicks for the Interior Cabinet Art Set that is now available for all editions. We also thank Frank Gigliotti and Steve Bowden for the continued advancement of rules and code for a tournament worthy game.

“Many tournament directors have now been using this game with players very receptive for it. Of course, we will continue to make small tweaks where needed.”

The Classic edition will cost $7,395. Learn more information at


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