American Pinball Announces Original Barry O’s BBQ Challenge


Barry Oursler’s final all-new pinball design was recently made public by American Pinball. The capstone of the designer’s 46-year career in the industry is called Barry O’s BBQ Challenge, which has officially launched at venues across the country.

Those locations include Glitch Bar, Enterrium, AYCE Gogi, Dangerzone Arcade Bar, Crazy Quarters Arcade, Bartari, South Moon Barbeque, Flippers Family Arcade, Pocketeer Billiards & Sports Bar, 8-Bit Arcade and The Pinball Palace.

The pinball adventure “captures the essence of summer fun and embodies the spirit of neighborhood barbecue festivals across America.”

Commemorating Oursler’s legacy, American Pinball reports that the royalties from the game will be directed to his estate, “supporting his family and continuing his impactful contribution to the world of pinball.”

Barry O’s BBQ Challenge will be available in Classic and Limited editions, with each game “seasoned to perfection.” The pinmakers said: “This game is a tribute not just to Barry’s legacy in pinball design but also to the rich culture of barbecue, making it an essential addition for pinball enthusiasts and barbecue aficionados alike.”

According to American Pinball, Steven Bowden spearheaded the creation of the game’s complex rules; Joe Schober and Casey Butler were instrumental in software and engineering; David Thiel was the sound engineer; and Matt Kern worked on voice production.

There were also design contributions made by Bowden, Dennis Nordman and Ryan McQuaid, who all played “a vital role in refining the game’s playfield, creating a compelling and immersive experience.”

Among other contributors were Jack Haeger (art direction), Dan Hughes (artwork), Jessica Durbala and Bobby Llereza (animations), Zofia Ryan and Mitesh Pithva (mechanical integrity and design) and Benjamin Kibler (project management).

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