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Changing the Industry for 35 Years

American Changer & Its Brands Focus on Innovation & Growth

Known for producing reliable bill changers, breakers, token and ticket dispensers, tokens and custom self-service payment solutions, American Changer’s products have become a staple for FECs and amusement facilities over the past three and a half decades.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., they’ve built a reputable brand with products that are proudly manufactured in the U.S. The company said their Florida location enables products to be easily shipped worldwide.

Those products include those under American Changer Corp.’s three well-known brands: Hoffman Mint, Rowe and Triad. (The latter two brands came aboard in 2019, when the parent corporation completed purchase asset agreements with both Rowe Bill Changers LLC and Triad Design Group Inc.)

“The acquisitions united three of the most reputable brands of money changers in the world – American Changer, Rowe and Triad – and reinforced American Changer’s vision to remain at the forefront of ingenuity,” said Ken Brinks, the company’s VP of sales. “We are proud to continue and support the legacy of two such distinguished brands while changing the industry.”

CEO Wayne Snihur

American Changer President and COO Wayne Snihur

Hoffman Mint is a designer and leading manufacturer of high-quality tokens, a product that goes hand-in-hand with the amusement industry and has for decades. The company notes that many operators appreciate the proven benefits of using tokens and continue to show strong allegiance. “With relatively low-investment costs, tokens are an excellent payment solution for operators,” said company topper Wayne Snihur.

Hoffman Mint works with a variety of amusement applications around the world. Operators can choose to use a stock design for one side or both sides for their tokens, or the company’s in-house artists can assist with custom designs.

Sheila Dellacona

Sheila Dellacona is the company’s familiar and friendly face of Hoffman Mint.

Hoffman Mint also supplies captive pusher tokens with stock or custom designs. Captive pusher tokens have a specific thickness, unique to coin pusher machines.

“Our tokens are minted under strict quality standards using high-speed coining presses,” explained token sales representative Sheila Dellacona. “That’s the same process used to mint legal tender worldwide. Whether using tokens to start games or purchase products, Hoffman Mint can help guide you to determine which tokens may be the best fit for your business.”

To support their emphasis on excellence in customer service and continued growth, American Changer has also reinvested in the company over the past several years.

American Changer - customer support

American Changer customer support team members (from left to right): Kevin, Eddie, Ahmad, Anil, Paul, George, Westley, Rokhan and Edgar.

From increased inventory to a new ERP system and improved company processes, they say their team takes great pride in continued improvement, which includes a rearrangement of line layouts for greater throughput and focus on hiring well-qualified talent to help advance important programs. As such, American Changer says they currently have the shortest lead time for money changers in the nation.

American Changer tokens department team

The tokens department team (from left to right: Jaclin, Danery, Daniel, Yamitex and Franklin.

Their company motto – “Changing the Industry” – is even more relevant today than it was when the company was founded more than three decades ago, the company touts.

“While certain industry standards will remain constant, such as the accessibility of cash over credit cards, exciting trends continue to emerge that shape the face of this industry,” Snihur shared. “We are thrilled to share our new products and innovations with operators.”

American Changer team

In the front row, from left: Carolina, Yarelis, Carlos, Lorena and Elizabeth. In back, Anthony, Sergio, Maria and Lizeth.

With their Remote Access Board, operators can monitor the status of their American Changer machine remotely using a computer or tablet. Monitoring includes remote auditing, such as cash in, credit card transactions and total sales. The Remote Access Board also provides email or text alerts if a machine experiences a failure. Operators can purchase this option with a new Changer or retrofit their current American Changer machine (dependent on model year and make).

The company says their Pre-Valued Card Dispensers are an excellent, lower-cost alternative to having multiple payment system kiosks or attendants, noting that strategically placed Pre-Valued Card Dispensers can help break customer bottlenecks, while providing a seamless self-service payment experience for customers. Alterna­tive­ly, if your payment system kiosks fail or disconnect from your network, the Pre-Valued Card Dispenser can help act as an inexpensive backup system.

American Changer Operations and Production Leadership team

With AC6000 change machines are: Pran, Edouard, Armando, Ruperto, Keval and Sreekar, members of American Changer’s Operations & Production Leadership Team.

Demand for bill breakers continues to increase for operators who have payment systems, too, the company reported. When payment systems require exact change, customers are reluctant to load larger bills onto their play cards. As a result, there has been an increase in the need for smaller bills.

Instead of having an employee break bills, which can cause longer wait times and is not always a reliable option, many amusement operators have opted to place American Changer or Triad bill breakers next to their payment system kiosks, which allows customers to have easy access to smaller bills and increases the customer flow at a facility.

American Changer

From left, Regi, Vensen, Hober, Danery, Evide, Ovilus, Mario, Paul, Patrick, Jetro and Elius, members of the Production Team.

Additionally, Rowe Conversion Upgrade Kits are available for operators who have older Rowe machines. These kits upgrade old, obsolete Rowe internals to modern, American Changer internals, without the need for a new cabinet.

American Changer provides detailed instructions and videos to help operators have a successful kit installation, and their customer service team can provide guidance along the way. Rowe kits are available for the following models: BC-1200, BC-1400, BC-1500, BC-1600 and BC-2800. American Changer is also developing a kit for BC-3500 models, and anticipates it will be available for sale this September.

American Changer Market Development Team

Working for the future: Part of the American Changer Market Development Team.


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