Abari Game Bar Back, Will Open This Summer


Forced to close during Covid, Super Abari Game Bar in Charlotte, N.C., will be getting new life this summer as owner Zach Pulliam recently signed a lease on a new space.

According to the Charlotte Observer, while the original location was closed starting in March 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions, the team held rooftop concerts and fans organized a GoFundMe to keep it afloat. However, it was announced in August that the lease at the original location would not be renewed.

After months of searching for another possibility, Pulliam has found one. “This place was not only larger,” he said, “but it was also close to the original location.” The new space – set to open by the end of this summer – will have about 40 pinball machines and around 80 other arcade games, while the original only had 50 games total. Learn more at www.abarigamebar.com.


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