AAMA Publishes Virtual Reality Standardization Survey Results


AAMA recently released the results of their VR Standardization Survey, a companion to their existing video series AAMA VR Connect, which is available here on YouTube. You can click here to see the results of their survey.

“With 93% of respondents indicating they’re either currently operating VR, or plan to in the near future, I think it’s safe to say VR has moved from being a fad to a solid trend,” said Danny Gruening, AAMA’s VR Committee Chair and vice president of business development at Creative Works “With that success, there’s a demonstrable need for a set of industry standards which should include the nomenclature of components, consistent definitions for the experiences being offered and improvements in the durability of high-use items.”

Among survey respondents, the most popular type of attraction that 28% of them had were virtual coasters. Others had room scale/standing-room only (17%), VR arcade cabinets (15%), multiplayer arcade attractions (15%) and free roam (15%).

AAMA’s VR Committee plans to enlist the backing of VR manufacturers, content creators and operators with the goal of developing industry standards. They ask anyone who’d like to be part of the conversation to contact AAMA executive vice president Pete Gustafson at 847-280-9088 or [email protected].


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