A&A Global Releases New Toy Line For Bulk, Redemption, Plush


A&A Global has released a new line of collectable toys: the Globsters. The company says it is especially excited about the toys because this is the first time they’ve released a series across multiple lines of business: bulk vending, redemption and plush.

A&A Global Globsters Photo“Globster actually means a blob or unidentified organic mass,” said Kim Mattison, Product Development Manager. “We decided to expand that into the design, as well as the product name. The simple, yet whimsical, shape gave us a blank canvas to create these inherently cute characters.”

The series includes ten Globsters, each having a unique name and personality. Their individual characteristics are reflected through each toy’s design and name: Nerdster, Grinster, Chipster, Zenster, Tuxter, Chompster, Giggster, Dripster, Briefster and Fadester.

“The Globsters have been well received,” said Kara Kokoruda, Crane Division Manager. “They will attract kids, as well as adults, to machines because they are colorful and have a large presence. This series will be gratifying for our customers and the end users.”

The toys will be available in two inch capsules, bulk and 12 inch plush. For more information, call 800-638-6000 or visit www.aaglobal.com.


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