A $5,000 Surprise at Bowl Expo


2_QAMF_Match My Monster WinnerQubicaAMF hosted its second annual Match My Monster contest at its Bowl Expo booth this year, giving attendees the chance to play their Monster Factory game and win $5,000. The contest took a bit of skill and luck from contestants, and the trip to Vegas provided that for Alaina Crabtree of Murrietta, Calif. 

“After I made the fourth shot, I felt a bit anxious and a sense of calmness at the same time,” said Alaina. “I had never played the Monster Factory game before, but I had so much fun!”

Qubica was more than happy to provide the contest for its show-goers, saying they were proud to give their customers a hands-on opportunity to use the BES X bowling entertainment system that ran the contest. Qubica says the system is quite robust has been installed in over 600 centers representing 10,000 lanes in 65 countries around the world.

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