’80s-Themed Escape Room Opens in Illinois City


Andrew Dudich and Racheal Anderson recently opened Adventure Arcade Escape Rooms in downtown Danville, Ill. Dudich previously hosted mobile escape room experiences through the Westville Public Library.

Now, according to the Commercial-News, he’s opted for a permanent location and has elicited help from his partner and girlfriend Racheal, who builds the puzzles and other aspects of the experiences.

The first on offer is “Escape from the ’80s!” – where guests are sent back to a teenager’s bedroom in the 1980s. “After being grounded, you must discover how to escape to meet up with your friends for the concert of the century,” the synopsis says.

Adventure Arcade Escape Rooms plans on periodically switching the theme – although will keep the arcade vibe going. Learn more at www.adventurearcadeescaperooms.com.


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