501 Entertainment Releases New AR Darts Game Lives


The England-based 501 Entertainment just released Lives, a new augmented reality darts game for their platform. Included in their most recent software update, Lives sets players up with three lives; they must beat the previous player’s score or else they lose a life. The winner is the last player standing.

“501 Entertainment will continue to innovate and make data-driven improvements to our games for guests and our platform to better serve our operator customers,” said Jonny Powell, CEO of 501 Entertainment. “We engineered Lives based on learnings from our most successful Augmented Reality Darts games and our most recent operator features are designed based on data and feedback to make 501 Entertainment’s products easier to manage successfully.”

Along with the new game, the company said the software update includes a consolidation of features for location operator customers called 501 Hub. The Hub is an online platform that provides customers with access to tools like Session Management System, a new method to manage guests. Visit www.501fun.com to learn more.


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