2017 USAA Air Hockey World Championships Bring the Best


Jacob Weissman (right) and Vadim Chiznevskiv, the USAA Air Hockey World Championships winner and runner up respectively.

This year’s USAA Air Hockey World Championships were held from Oct. 20-22 at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Industry sponsors of the competitive event included Gold Standard Games and Valley-Dynamo. 21-year-old Jacob Weissman, a Houston native, won his first title in a surprising upset against Vadim Chiznevskiv, a player from Moscow who came in second. Weismann carries on a family legacy, adding to his father Tim Weissman’s 10 world titles.

Third place went to two-time USAA champ Colin Cummings of Beaumont, Texas, who has a long career ahead of him at 18 years old. Fourth place went to long-time air hockey veteran Brian Accrocco, also from Houston.

The Friday night Doubles competition was won by Danny Hynes and Brian Accrocco. The Women’s title went to Lilo Daher of the University of Houston.

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