Zone Bowling Southgate Renovated in Australia


TEEG’s Zone Bowling Southgate, a staple bowling center in Sylvania, NSW, Australia for 38 years, recently underwent a renovation that included an interior refurbishment. The venue, which reopened June 11, now has 24 bowling lanes and new arcade games. The center also added a prize shop.

“If we’ve learned one thing during the past 18 months, it’s that everyone gains from coming together and connecting with friends, family and local community,” said Kane Fong, general manager of Zone Bowling Australia and Timezone.

“Zone Bowling has always offered the opportunity for making memories and strengthening bonds, be they between strangers, friends, family or colleagues. This renovation will emphasize the brand’s core strengths, while making sure that we’re ready to face down any challenges, whether through offering the latest trends in family-friendly entertainment or making sure that our guests are protected by top-notch health and safety protocols.”

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