Zero Latency Releases Next-Gen Platform


Zero Latency has partnered with HTC to launch a “first-of-its-kind multiplayer immersive entertainment platform,” the company reports. For the first time, groups of up to eight people can enjoy Zero Latency’s award-winning experiences with nothing more than a headset – the HTC VIVE Focus 3.

The new platform uses a remote rendering stack and the latest 6E wireless technology to stream 5K VR to up to eight players simultaneously.

“With this new partnership, we’re taking a giant leap in the virtual entertainment space,” said Tim Ruse, CEO of Zero Latency. “The evolution to remote rendering and 6E streaming not only improves performance, but removes the need for backpack PCs, cables and other player distractions – it’s the most streamlined, natural experience yet for both our customers and our operators. Zero Latency has always invested heavily in innovation, and we’re excited to once again push the industry forward in partnership with HTC.”

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