Wurlitzer 1015 Juke Sings its Way to Hall


Wurlitzer’s Model 1015 jukebox nabbed a spot in the first Amusement Industry Hall of Fame class. It was one of six products inducted.

The Wurlitzer 1015 came onto the market in 1946-47, just as the moratorium on building new coin-op equipment ended with the close of World War II. The machine played 24 78rpm records, one side only, while the machine did its own star-turn with rising bubbler lights and changing colors.

Its makers say the 1015 is the most iconic jukebox of all-time, and its silhouette is familiar to people of all ages in all nations. Replicas have been successfully produced by Glenn Streeter’s Antique Apparatus Co., adding to the original 56,000 Wurlitzer itself built and sold.


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