Welcome to The Grid


A reservations-only, bar-within-a-bar called The Grid opened earlier this summer, inspired by the classic arcade legend Tron. Savvy guests who manage to snag a reservation can find The Grid hidden behind a re-purposed Tron cabinet on a bonus level of San Francisco’s 10,000-sq.-ft., Coin-Op Game Room bar arcade. The speakeasy, which began taking reservations in June, has a futuristic feel inside with clean white walls and bright neon lights lending more authenticity to the sci-fi atmosphere.

Coin-Op Game Room has a history with the classic arcade game (and recent Disney movie/two-hour-long Daft Punk music video). Both of its main bars, Flynn’s and the Octagon, have names yanked from the Tron-universe. The bar arcade is home to a host of pinball machines and other classic arcade games. But if you’re looking to get a drink at The Grid, you’d better bring more than quarters! The drinks are allegedly some of the most expensive in town, and that’s saying something ($22 for something fancy called “God’s Water.”)

For more information, check out Coin-Op Game Room’s website here.


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