Want More From VRLA?


Reportedly the largest VR gathering in the country, VRLA (Virtual Reality Los Angeles) brought thousands of avid VR fans, content creators and VR professionals to LA earlier this month to discuss the future of the industry. As previously reported, RePlay’s Bob Cooney attended the event and produced two podcasts which can be found here.

For those looking for more content from the VR conference, videos have been uploaded to YouTube. Many of the conference’s presentations can be viewed, including a keynote from Unity Technologies CEO John Riccitiello.

Tune into Riccitiello’s presentation to hear what Unity, the company behind the software that powers many video games, sees as the future of VR. Riccitello was even in New York last year, and after spending a day seeing Hamilton and playing The Void’s Ghostbusters Dimension VR experience, says he enjoyed the latter more!

In another video Justin Roiland, the creator behind the popular cartoon Rick and Morty, gets some laughs and discusses Squanchtendo, a VR game developer that focuses on creating bizarrely comedic content.

If you’re looking for a laugh, or to see what some of the biggest changemakers in the industry are saying, click here to see.


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