VRstudios’ “Sport of the Future” For Smaller Arenas


Avid VR fans and RePlay readers may already have heard of PowerPlay (if not, see an exclusive feature on the new VR game by VRstudios in RePlay’s August issue), but as of today (Wednesday, Sept. 5) the company has officially announced its arrival on new platforms. Following the game’s release on VRstudios flagship, eight-player VRcade Arena, PowerPlay is now also available on the company’s smaller, two- to six-player arenas. Additionally, PowerPlay is available as a turn-key solution for existing OptiTrack-based arenas.

“With multiple configurations of PowerPlay, we are bringing the next generation of eSports to all LBE venues,” said Chanel Summers, VRstudios’ VP of Creative Development. “No matter the size of your facility’s footprint, LBE operators and businesses can offer this highly physical, engaging and unique game.”

The athletic melding of laser tag, paintball and Tron allows players to team up and tap into the virtual world for a competitive eSports experience. Across a litany of highly customizable maps, players face off and attempt to knock each other out with balls of light. Along with the potential for a smaller footprint, the new arena size offers a different PowerPlay experience as well. VRcade PowerPlay is available now and can be ordered directly from VRstudios, and requests for product information should be directed to John Walthall, VP of Business Development – [email protected].


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