VRstudios Shows eSport-Ready LBE Arena Game


Washington-based VRstudios has an exciting new game that is ready for the location-based entertainment (LBE) scene: VRcade PowerPlay. This next-generation, competitive eSport has been built with LBE arenas in mind, and offers intensely athletic team-based, multiplayer gameplay.

“Everyone recognizes that eSports are increasingly popular and we believe that the release of VRcade PowerPlay is literally a ‘game-changer.’ It’s the next generation of eSports that adds true athletic activity over a large format playing field, and it can be deployed by any LBE operator,” said Kevin Vitale, VRstudios’ CEO. “While complementary to our other systems and attractions, VRcade PowerPlay creates a whole new category of location-based VR entertainment for both players and spectators. It also opens the door to a number of new business models and branding options going forward for LBE operators and sponsors.”

VRcade PowerPlay is designed for two to eight players and allows them to move unrestricted within a 60’ x 40’ battlefield. To make for an easy turnkey solution, VRstudios says it has developed its own attraction management platform (AMP) built for LBE operators to best control the multiple variables in each game.

“We wanted to deliver an exciting, action-packed game that grew out of the vision from the original founding team,” said Chanel Summers, VRstudios’ VP of Creative Development. “It combines a retro game aesthetic with a futuristic battlefield setting to showcase a truly physical sport… By design, the players quickly forget that they are in a virtual experience and move naturally in all the same ways that they would on a real-world playing field, including running, ducking and jumping to beat the competition.”


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