VRStudios Debuts First Multiplayer VR Experience


VRStudios, a Seattle-based company that provides full-motion VR experiences globally, showcased its first multiplayer-capable game, Barking Irons, at the International Consumer VR Exhibition and Conference May 14 in the Vancouver Convention Centre.

The company’s unique compact wireless headsets allow for an unencumbered experience and the user’s athleticism to come into play in this western shootout-themed attraction.

“The ability to physically move around a space with another player makes the experience feel much more natural and keeps you immersed in the game,” said Jamie Kelly of VRcade, the company’s gaming and entertainment-focused department.

The company says their compact, wireless system allows for the user to move freely and their games to include an athletic element.

“Now with Barking Irons, your physical actions are matched perfectly by the game and your athleticism is a core element to your level of success in the game,” said Ivan Blaustein of VRstudios. “This also makes spectating a game much more like a sporting event than a video game.”

Since the game has a large spectating component, the company believes the increasing popularity of eSports could help the game become popular.

To see more from the company, check their website here and look for a RePlay exclusive feature in our June issue.


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