VR’s Minority Media, Betson Announce Distribution Pact


The team behind Chaos Jump, a multiplayer virtual reality platform for location-based entertainment, has announced a distribution agreement with Betson Enterprises, designed to expand the adoption of multiplayer VR attractions in the amusement industry. Established in 2010, Minority Media offers turnkey, small footprint attractions.

“Minority Media is thrilled to partner with Betson with their strong presence and unprecedented history of excellence in the amusement industry,” said Michael Zaidan, VP of business development and global sales. “With Betson’s reputation and reach, we are well-positioned to accelerate the rollout of Chaos Jump attractions to amusement locations across America and Canada.”

Under the agreement, Betson will be responsible for installation and tier one support of Chaos Jump attractions and will promote the product and offer financing options that range from a 12-month program at 4.99 percent to longer term programs up to 60 months at 6.99 percent with deferred payment options.

“The Betson team believes in virtual reality for location-based entertainment and we are excited to have found a great partner in Minority Media,” said Jonathan Betti, VP of sales and business development at Betson. “We are giving our full support to promoting Chaos Jump … perfect for operators who have been waiting to add multiplayer VR to their locations.”

To learn more about the companies, visit www.weareminority.com and www.betson.com.


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