VR Company Zero Latency Continues Growth


Each player is outfitted with headphones, an Alienware computer, an OSVR HDK 2.0 headset and realistic prop guns with multiple firing modes.

After opening their first warehouse-scale, free-roam VR system in Melbourne, Australia in August 2015, the people over at Zero Latency have been busy. The company recently opened its first U.S. location in conjunction with a Main Event FEC in Orlando, and has now announced a collaboration with George Smith’s Family Entertainment Group which will yield two more VR systems in FEG’s Pennsylvania and Wisconsin Kalahari resorts in December and January.

These will only be the second and third Zero Latency systems running in the U.S., but the company has also opened in Madrid and Tokyo. The company’s existing arenas range from 2,000 to 4,000 square feet and challenge six players simultaneously. The players can currently choose from three different games: a classic zombie shoot-’em-up, a teen-friendly sci-fi thriller and a family-friendly puzzle game.

“Zero Latency’s virtual reality gaming systems are lightyears ahead of anything on the market,” said George Smith, founder and CEO at FEG. “We are thrilled to be installing this unique and wonderfully entertaining gaming experience for our partners at Kalahari Resorts.”

Zero Latency’s unique set up allows for a free-roam experience unlike other current VR experiences, giving players the ability to navigate in the game without worrying about constraining physical limits. Whether you’re running from one side of the room to the other, desperately gunning down zombies in-game or seeking the answer to a puzzle as you stare out across an open, VR vista, the experience is unique and entertaining.

Check out the company’s website here, and look for a feature on the new attraction in an upcoming RePlay.



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