VNEA’s “Kiddie Show” Moves to Midwest


Next year’s 28th Annual VNEA Juniors Tournament will relocate from its familiar Erie, Penn., Venue to the Marina Inn Hotel in South Sioux City, Neb. “Valley League” charter holder operators have plenty of time to gather contestants, since the dates will be June 21-24, 2018.

Already, 14 operating companies representing seven states (plus Ontario and New Zealand) will send something like 250 youngsters to the bout. Regional operators at River City Amusement are going to host the event, to be played off on 80 Valley tables.

Prizes run $600 for the first-place team, $200 for the top boy and $75 for the first-place girl shooter. In addition, an exciting followup singles tournament will consist of all first and second place winners where both boys and girls will compete in a nine-game, single-elimination team format to determine the best of the best.


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