VNEA World Championships Are Right Around the Corner


VNEA is back and reports its pool players could not be more excited to return to some type of normalcy, starting with the 41st Annual VNEA World Championships at Bally’s Hotel in Las Vegas from May 27-June 5.

This year, five new members will be inducted into the VNEA Hall of Fame, the Tournament All-Star Teams will be selected and lots of pool will be played. “Although sadly most of our dedicated foreign players, including Canadians, cannot make the trip to Vegas this year,” the association said that they’re “incredibly thrilled” to be preparing for the big event.

“The energy and excitement that our event is generating will bring some much-needed joy and happiness to all of our players in attendance at this year’s event,” VNEA said. For more details on the tourney, email [email protected] or call 800-544-1346.


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