Violent Video Games Blamed (Again) by Illinois Lawmaker


In response to an increase of carjackings in the Chicago area, state representative Marcus Evans has plans to introduce a bill to ban sales of the Grand Theft Auto V home video game in Illinois, according to WREG. The game sold 20 million units in 2020, the most since its 2013 release.

Grand Theft Auto and other violent video games are getting in the minds of our young people and perpetuating the normalcy of carjacking,” Evans said. “Carjacking is not normal and carjacking must stop.” Community activist Early Walker reportedly inspired Evans on the issue.

“Rep. Evans and I have researched and concluded that these very young offenders of carjacking are greatly influenced by the Grand Theft Auto video game,” Walker said. “I truly believe that there is bipartisan support in Springfield to ban this game from being sold in Illinois.”

Evans is the latest in a long line of lawmakers to blame real-life violence on violent video games. Meanwhile, societal ills such as poverty, which recently experienced its highest spike in the U.S. since the 1960s, and other apparent causes for crime spikes remain largely ignored.


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