Valo Motion Releases Plankton AR Experience


Valo Motion - ValoClimb Plankton with 2 playersThe mixed reality experience maker Valo Motion recently unveiled Plankton, a “Zen” augmented reality game that “builds a player’s confidence while encouraging respect for the environment.”

The game is available on the company’s ValoClimb platform. Using tracking technology, the game allows players to navigate an undersea fantasy world in which they help vulnerable creatures navigate the dangerous depths.

Valo Motion - ValoClimb Plankton with player“A lot of our VR climbing games are high action and intensity,” said CEO Raine Kajastila. “We wanted to create something a bit different that brings you into deep focus mode while you’re also getting exercise. This gives the game more of a Zen feeling than what you would get from many traditional AR gaming experiences.

“One of our goals at Valo Motion is to get people to enjoy movement, and also to provide a variety of different types of experiences for different kinds of players, people and mindsets.” Learn more at


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