UNIS Unveils New Games/Updates

UNIS has revealed several games that are currently in test on location in Canada: Strike Pro Fishing, Polar Igloo and Crazy Clock. The company also announced updates to their unique redemption game, Panning For Gold.
The updates include the addition of bonus wheels that reward the player for scooping up a lot of “gold” nuggets. If a certain weight is reached, the player gets a ticket bonus from the spinning wheels. To see how this works for yourself, watch the video embedded here.

UNIS’ other unveils include the two-player, pachinko-esque Polar Igloo (a rapid game where players drop a ball between the pegs and aim for the highest ticket reward.) There’s also Strike Pro Fishing, which puts players on the deep sea, simulating a fishing experience that can result in big rewards. (Timing and precision are necessary for the player to cast, hook and reel in fish.) Finally, there’sCrazy Clock, the result of a collaboration between UNIS and Coastal Amusements, the simple, eye-grabbing, winner-every-time game lets players spin the clock for tickets.
For more on UNIS, visit their website.

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