UNIS Launches New Licensed Redemption Game



UNIS is bringing a new ticket redemption game to IAAPA based upon the 20th Century Fox movie Independence Day: Resurgence. The game melds aspects of the film into its design while combining mechanical and video aspects for a tangible game play experience.

During the first of three stages, players are challenged to launch balls through three targets on the lower field. If successful in stage one, they advance to the second where they must hit the 3D alien “queen” ship to advance to the bonus level where they can win the “Mega Bonus.” The more on-target shots the player makes in the allotted time, the more tickets they win.

Independence Day: Resurgence, which sports a 42″ horizontal video display, comes as either a single unit or a twin set that can be synced up. Gameplay is simple, fast-action and fun according to the firm. See a video of the game here. Visit UNIS online here to learn more about all the games in the factory’s stable of amusement equipment.


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