UNIS Adds Content Management Platform to Omni Arena


Omniverse is a new content management platform unveiled recently by UNIS that is set to augment the player experience for their Omni Arena VR system. The platform allows players to select from more than 12 games, and also gives operators the ability to manage multiple Omni Arena stations from one device.

Using Omniverse, the company says an operator can track playtime, remotely load players into the “VR lobby” and more. Once the player is in the lobby, the system takes over, giving players a preview of games and the ability to launch and switch between them within the headset. Omniverse runs on a pay-for-time model where players purchase credits and play games on a per-minute basis. Finally, a built-in profile system allows players to log in and access saved games.

For more information on Omni Arena and Omniverse, click here.


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