U.K. Begins to Reopen Pubs and Other Businesses


The New York Times reports that it’s the beginning of the end of Britain’s lockdown – one of the longest and most stringent in the world – with the reopening of pubs, gyms and retail stores. The businesses have been closed since January and at other times over the past year during three national lockdowns.

“It’s like being out of prison,” said Londoner Kate Asani, who visited a tavern with two friends. Pubs are limited to outdoor service at the moment, but England hopes to lift almost all restrictions by June 21. (Note: There are separate orders but similar timetables for reopening in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.)

NYT also reported that “through plagues and wars, the pub stayed open … then came the coronavirus,” which essentially marked the first long-time closures of the institutions in centuries.


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