Twister Misses Mississippi Operator’s Route


Chris Cavaliere, whose T&C Amusements jukebox and games route serves locations in Hattiesburg, Miss., says the much-publicized tornado that ripped through his town last week skipped over all of his stops.

“We’re okay here, though one of our employee’s homes got blasted,” he advised. “It blew out over a dozen windows. But if you looked though one of those open windows to see how his neighbors across his street did, you’d see total devastation.”

Chris also told us he’s cut back his coin-op activities to spend more time on his other restaurant equipment sales business. He’s building a new warehouse to accommodate this growing enterprise while candidly saying prices of some new coin-op equipment are, “so high, we’d need four years just to amortize the expense.”

Currently, T&C’s route covers around 15 bars, one bowling alley with a dozen or so games inside, a roller rink with the same number and a restaurant with a mini game room.

“We just have jukeboxes and pool tables in the bars in most cases, and all the music machines are TouchTunes. It’s not that we’re not still in coin-op,” he stated. “When someone calls for a machine or two, we’ll talk it through to see if it’s worth our while.”


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