Triotech’s Ubisoft Partnership


Triotech is continuing to build upon a partnership with Ubisoft, one of the largest home/console game companies in the world. The two announced a new interactive experience, Rabbids Team Battle, for Triotech’s high-capacity rides. The experience offers interactive play for team and individuals, as well as ride elements with 4D effects.

“We’re excited to partner with Ubisoft and bring an all-new experience for the entire family. Up to now, interactive motion simulators have been limited in the number of players due to screen clutter,” said Ernest Yale, CEO of Triotech. “We feel that with Team Battle, Triotech has broken that barrier…”

The experience is a unique, team-oriented, dueling attraction where two teams battle in an over-sized, multi-sensory arena utilizing Triotech’s Dark Ride tech. Each guest is equipped with his own blaster, and sat in front of a larger-than-life, enveloping 270-degree screen. They are blasted by wind, light and haptics to enhance the immersion.

“Triotech’s ambition to come up with a breakthrough attraction is what drew us to the project,” said Jean de Rivières, VP of location-based entertainment for Ubisoft. “As an entertainment company coming from the video game industry, Ubisoft has a unique approach to location-based entertainment. We want to create innovative ways for audiences to experience our worlds and have fun. If we can accomplish these goals, we believe we will appeal to both fans and newcomers.”

A working demo of the experience was at Triiotech’s IAAPA booth this year.


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