Triotech’s New SuperBlaster Now Shipping Worldwide


SuperBlaster, the latest in attendant-free coin-op interactive simulators, is now shipping globally from Triotech, which showed the innovation at IAAPA Expo 2023 and at events this year as well.

“We’re thrilled to introduce SuperBlaster – a visually stunning, high-end ride that reflects our dedication to innovation,” said CEO and founder Ernest Yale. “Through collaboration with customers, distributors and operators, we’ve crafted a fun multiplayer game that will attract players through its open concept. Best of all, it’s attendant-free, which makes it perfect for FECs and arcades.”

The ride features a diverse content library and Triotech claims a return on investment at less than four months. Individual scoring within SuperBlaster puts up to four players in a friendly competition. The product features a 100” 4K projected display, motion seats, wind blasters, surround sound and more.

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