Trifecta Shares Marketing, Sales Advice in Recent Post


Trifecta Management Group recently shared advice in a blog post about marketing strategy and implementation.

TMG covered six topics – identifying target markets, establishing the brand; creating a strategy and plan; developing tactics; flawlessly executing and monitoring/adjusting; and conducting post-mortems.

“At Trifecta Management Group, we have had much success creating and executing marketing and sales programs for our managed clients over many years,” they wrote. “Our experiences have led to requests to provide marketing services for clients whose operations we do not manage. As a result, in early 2019 we launched Trifecta Marketing Services (TMS). Using many of the same established approaches we use with our TMG-managed clients, we have extended our services to non-TMG operated clients, with the fortunate results of meeting and, in many cases, exceeding expectations of clients in a variety of businesses.”

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