TrainerTainment Partners with Amusement Advantage


TrainerTainment recently announced a new partnership with Amusement Advantage to “elevate and expand TrainerTainment’s proven Birthday Mystery Shopper Sales Program through Amusement Advantage’s best in class mystery shop fulfillment.”

The program provides a proven sales method, training, coaching and up to three recorded Mystery Shopper calls per month. It’s designed to allow businesses to “inspect what you expect from your employees.”

“I am thrilled with Amusement Advantage’s enthusiasm about this partnership and their ability to assist us in helping family entertainment centers expand their birthday party programs,” said Beth Standlee, founder and CEO at TrainerTainment.

“We want to help people to grow. We provide coaching and sales tools and our new partnership with Amusement Advantage allows us to upgrade the shop so we can provide a total package.”

Added Scot Carson, founder and CEO at Amusement Advantage: “Amusement Advantage is excited to partner and help enhance TrainerTainment’s existing program. We are thrilled to collaborate with TrainerTainment to fulfill their Birthday Mystery Shopping report needs while allowing them to focus on the coaching aspect of the program.”

Learn more at You can also visit www.amusementadvantage.comfor more information.


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