TouchTunes Spotlights Angelina’s Song Nonprofit


With September being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, TouchTunes has put a spotlight on Angelina’s Song Foundation, which honors the late Angelina Miele, who was diagnosed with a form of pediatric cancer known as synovial sarcoma at age 10.

“Angelina’s Song is honored to be featured by TouchTunes this month to help share the importance of not just music therapy but to shine a light on pediatric cancer,” said Nicole Miele, president and founder of the Muncy, Pa.-based Angelina’s Song. “Every day, 43 children in the U.S. alone are diagnosed with cancer and the treatments the kids undergo can be difficult for them and their families. Our foundation helps make that process a little easier.”

Inspired by Angelina’s story, TouchTunes became a corporate sponsor of the foundation and debuted their Angelina jukebox years ago to help support it.

To raise money and awareness for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, TouchTunes is donating a portion of all jukebox song plays nationwide during September to Angelina’s Song. On every jukebox home screen there is the Angelina’s Song playlist which features some of Angelina’s favorite songs and a splash-screen to learn more about the foundation’s mission. TA Associates, TouchTunes’ ownership group, will also be donating $15,000 to continue their ongoing support for the cause.

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