TouchTunes And Sound Leisure Bring Playdium to the U.K.


TouchTunes has partnered with U.K. jukebox maker Sound Leisure to provide customers there with its newest digital jukeboxes – including Playdium — with marketing help from Soundnet (a partner company TouchTunes bought in June 2014).

Under the terms of the partnership, Sound Leisure will bring TouchTunes’ Playdium jukeboxes to the market and will provide after-sales service; Soundnet, which is currently Sound Leisure’s exclusive music content provider, will provide those services for the digital units.

Charles Goldstuck, TouchTunes Chairman and CEO, said, “Being able to partner with Sound Leisure’s Chris and Mike Black is a real privilege, and as we prepare to broadly launch our Playdium smart jukebox across the U.K., I am confident our new partnership will result in a very successful future for both companies.”

“It’s fair to say the U.K. jukebox sector finds itself at a crossroads. While U.K. consumers are consuming more music than ever, jukebox use is declining. The jukebox experience has failed to keep pace with digital music services such as Spotify and iTunes,” said Soundnet’s Simon Davis and Sound Leisure’s Chris Black in a joint statement. “A key goal is to increase jukebox play and profitability. With Playdium, we will be delivering a 21st century experience that will engage consumers in a compelling, relevant way.”

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