Touchless Pinball at Seattle Arcade Bar Add-a-Ball


Add-a-Ball Amusements in Seattle has been around for 10 years, known for having the largest collection of vintage arcade games and pinball machines in the city. For eight months, they were shut down. Now, they’re back with pinball you can play with your feet.

Co-owner Brad Johnsen told KING 5 that a “genius employee,” Alex (also known as “Sleepy”), came up with the idea of putting pedals on a pinball machine, using all foot-operated controls. Two days later, they had a prototype and as of last week reopened the business.

Add-a-Ball now has barstools at each of the machines, giving players the opportunity to sit and control the games entirely with their feet – from starting it up and launching the ball to using the left and right flippers.

The touchless pinball machines are available to about 50 people at a time (that’s 50% capacity for Add-a-Ball). Many of the games are gone due to social distancing requirements, but the business has pivoted more to focus on their quirky wine pairings with “gas station foods” – anything to stay unique and relevant. You can find them online at


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