Tony O. Is Finally A Grandpa!


IMG_5782After two months of big changes, industry vet Tony Orozco was proud to announce the birth of his first two grandchildren: Camila Rose and Ethan Raymond. Orozco’s daughter Stephanie gave birth to the baby girl Camila on April 19, and a month later Orozco’s daughter-in-law gave birth to Ethan, a baby boy, on May 27.

Tony currently works in sales for Mike McWilliams’ Specialty Coin dealership. Before that, he was the West Coast rep for Benchmark Games. But, his longer career was spent at the now-shuttered Los Angeles distributor C.A. Robinson & Co., again in sales. While at C.A., he made lifelong friends with their late sales manager Hank Tronick and was front and center at Hank’s burial a couple of years back. 

RePlay sends all the love and congratulations we can muster, best of luck tackling your latest challenge: grandparenting!


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