The VR Force Is with You; Game Trailer Builds Excitement


The official trailer is now available for VRsenal’s Vader Immortal – Lightsaber Dojo: A Star Wars VR Experience arcade game. Watch it here:

VRsenal made waves with its attendant-free VR attraction for arcades with the popular Beat Saber title. Now, they’re looking to light the VR world on fire with one of the top licenses in the world: Star Wars. Top minds at Lucasfilm’s ILXmLAB (its immersive entertainment studio), Nomadic (VR content publishers) and Dave & Buster’s, have collaborated with the team at VRsenal to introduce Vader Immortal – Lightsaber Dojo: A Star Wars VR Experience. They expect it to have the wow factor for players of all ages and from Star Wars fanatics to casual players. In short, it may just be the attraction you’re looking for to bring customers back into the game room.

The game is available in North America on Dec. 1 (the 100+ reopened Dave & Buster’s locations have it now. It’s available in other global markets now.Learn more about in the November RePlay Cover Story. The magazine’s in the mail to subscribers now. What? You don’t subscribe yet? Head on over to to get your subscription started.


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