The State of Businesses, Masks & Restrictions in Our Patchwork Nation


As they’ve shown since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, these updated infographics from The New York Times that show the splintered responses to the virus across the United States.

Much of the country has its businesses open now in mid-December, however, there are plenty that have reverted back to “mostly closed” after the spike in Covid cases, including California, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Minnesota, Illinois, Rhode Island and Michigan.

Three states, meanwhile, have stay-at-home orders or curfews in place – California, Ohio and North Carolina. Others have stay-at-home advisories – New Mexico, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Delaware.

Mask wearing is mostly mandatory around the nation at this point, and President-Elect Joe Biden has said he’ll mandate them for 100 days come his January inauguration. Currently, there are no restrictions on masks in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Dakota and Idaho. Masks are sometimes required in Arizona, Wyoming, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi and South Carolina.

See more business requirements and details at this link:


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