The Pelican Group Continues Growth with Nayax Installs


Nayax recently shared a video on YouTube featuring one of their clients raving about recent installs. Jason Scherer, president of The Pelican Group, says they choose Nayax for all of their credit card needs “because the technology truly matters and Nayax makes a difference to our bottom-line revenue.”

As a nationwide operator, Scherer said the company started to notice an increase in revenue in the Nayax readers over the competition, which he attributed to their multi-tier pricing tool.

“Their digital screen allows you to select which increment you want to be charged to your card. What we were finding was that people were doing $5 and $10 plays, whereas before we were on a $1 system. So instead of having to go up and re-slide your card in there five times to get five credits, players were choosing to do it once.” The operator was also able to give players bonus credits for the bigger purchases.

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