Texas Teen Donates Arcade Prizes to Charity


Maximus Coolbaugh used one of his hobbies to help hundreds of kids this Christmas. According to KCBD, the high school senior used lots of arcade winnings to donate more than 300 prizes to CASA of the South Plains in Lubbock, Texas.

On how he amassed the prizes, Coolbaugh said: “Just playing the games and winning tickets to where we could buy the prizes from the prize counters. A lot of it is from claw machines that you find at the arcades. Full of stuffed animals and other little toys, we just got good at them to where we could get them consistently.”

Maximus’ older brother Gus made a similar donation to CASA in 2019. “I just remember as a kid getting toys and it made me feel so great,” Coolbaugh added. “I don’t care who they go to, but as long as it makes someone feel better, some child have a better Christmas. I feel like that’s what my reward is. Knowing it’s going to a noble cause, and the people who aren’t as fortunate.”


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