Texas Medical Association Says Bars Riskiest for COVID


In unwelcome news for operators, the COVID-19 Task Force and Committee on Infectious Diseases at the Texas Medical Assn. have put together a chart that ranks activities on their risk level for possibly transmitting the virus. In it, going to a bar ranks among the highest at a 9.

Other high-risk activities include going to an amusement park or movie theater, attending a large music concert, going to a sports stadium, attending a religious service with 500-plus worshippers, working out at a gym and eating at a buffet.

At moderate-high risk is dining inside of a restaurant; shopping at a mall or swimming in a public pool is listed at moderate risk; in the low-moderate rankings are walking in a busy downtown area and grocery shopping; and low risk activities include going camping, playing tennis, pumping gasoline, opening the mail or getting takeout from your favorite eatery.

More information is available at www.texmed.org.


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