Temp Check at the Gate: IAAPA Considers New Norm


A recent article in IAAPA’s Funworld says taking guest temperature could become a normal part of operations after COVID-19. It’s already happening at reopened parks and attractions in Asia, they say, and recently floated as a possibility by Disney’s executive chairman Bob Iger.

“By refusing entry to those who have high temperatures,” the article said, “parks and attractions can help prevent the spread of the disease and reassure visitors that their grounds and venues are safe.” Either handheld infrared spot thermometers could be used – typically called thermometer guns – or radiometric thermal imaging cameras.

From the article (read in full here): “It’s a tradeoff between convenience and accuracy,” said John Honovich, president and founder of IPVM, one of the leading organizations that tests, researches, and reports on the video surveillance industry. He says that when used properly, handheld devices can provide reasonably accurate readings. But they require individual checks of each person.

“Perhaps more significant than the time needed to administer the one-on-one screenings is the proximity that the process requires between those being monitored and those conducting the checks. While there are non-contact devices on the market, they need to be held within about 2 to 6 inches of a person to get an accurate reading. “It increases the risk of either party coming into contact with one another,” Honovich notes.


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