Technology for Touch – Ultrahaptics- VR Arcade Conference Podcast #10


State of the art haptics is the topic of this discussion at the VR Arcade Conference between Bob Cooney and Robin Alter, VP of Strategic Partnerships for Ultrahaptics. While those new to VR might not know what “haptics” are, it’s a way to give the player the sense of touch and physical sensation in a virtual environment. Where Ultrahaptics differentiates itself from others, explains Robin, is that “We enable you to touch objects in midair – you don’t have to wear gloves, you don’t have to hold anything. We use ultrasound to vibrate the nerves in your hand so you feel like you’re touching something in space.” Learn just how much more immersive the VR/AR experience can be with haptics: It’s more than just knowing an object is out in the virtual space, it’s being able to feel like you are actually touching it.

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