Talon Simulations Trains Air Force Pilots, Instructors


During a two-day period, dozens of Air Force pilots and instructors had the opportunity to test state-of-the-art training prototypes as part of the Strikewerx Mixed Reality Air Refueling Training Challenge. Talon Simulations was part of one of the teams that showcased a simulator.

“These simulators go beyond what other Air Force AR/VR simulators can do in terms of flight realism and training efficiency,” said Dr. Donna Senft, Air Force Global Strike Command’s Chief Scientist. “This solution will result in reduced maintenance costs, no training delays and improved pilot proficiency and readiness.”

VR Training, Inc. invited Talon Simulations to be a part of their team in mid-2021 during the proposal process, according to the company, along with Magic Bytes, Bugeye Technologies and Iris Dynamics.

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