SUZOHAPP Launches Personal Protection Line


With a goal of helping amusement centers and casinos meet new reopening regulations, SUZOHAPP has launched its Personal Protection line. The products include a “Temperature Control Access Gate” and the corresponding “Face-Detection Thermo-Sensor Module,” which allows operators to automate the temperature-taking process that’s becoming common at reopened facilities.

“As temperature checking is now a common safety precaution in the U.S., SUZOHAPP believes this device will help facilities meet the requirement without being invasive and make the process entirely self-service without requiring staff to come in close contact with customers, thereby keeping them safe,” the company said.

They also have a surface disinfectant called the Microbe Shield and other products like disposable masks, gloves and social distancing separators.

“We recognize that every day that the amusement centers stay closed costs them greatly,” said Sim Bielak, global president of gaming and amusement. “We hope to get our customers one step closer to reopening and making the reopening process easier by offering everything you need from a partner you can trust.” Learn more at


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