Survios Opens First VR Arcade

Torrance, California’s Del Amo Mall debuted the first Survios VR arcade this weekend with grand opening celebrations running Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Feb. 9, 10 and 11) showing off the eight-bay game center. Offering free play to first timers, a DJ and other entertainment, the Survios crew walked eager players through their VR adventure.
Through the smiles, laughter, wows and post-experience interviews with those that gave it a go, the venture looks promising. One dad stepped out laughing heartily, saying, “That was really cool!”
In the Survios VR arcade, spectators are able to watch the action through the custom player bays. Explained the company’s Media Relations Specialist Jade Hirtle, most VR arcade play spaces are dark with solid walls because of tracking problems. “We’ve resolved those issues and have see-through walls for a more social experience.”
Almost every spot had a group surrounding the opening watching their friend or family member play, able to see the action on the screen, and taking social media-worthy videos and photos with their phones.
The company offers 15 games for players to choose from, including its award-winning sci-fi shooter Raw Data. Most titles can be played solo or with friends.
Look for more details on Survios in the April issue of RePlay. To learn more in the meantime, visit

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