Streeter on the Street


Glenn and Corinne with Rock-Ola’s British distributor Alexander Walter-Smith (left).

Rock-Ola’s Glenn Streeter updated RePlay on some of his recent travels with favorite gal Corinne, sharing some pictures from a fun British car show:

“Corinne and I have been going to Goodwood, England, for the past several years. The Revival Car show and event is a great experience that will dazzle your mind. The Brits love their cars and there are thousands of them as far as the eye can see and that’s just in the parking area,” wrote Streeter, an auto enthusiast and collector.

“Then when you get in, there’s a huge race track with grandstand and WWII grass airfield with vintage airplanes. Vintage Boomers fly around with fighter escorts. Everyone dresses in vintage clothing and it’s a lot of fun. The event is on the Earl of March’s estate (he’s now a Duke), which also has the Rolls-Royce factory on part of the 12,000 acres,” Streeter said. (Interested readers can visit to check it out.)


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