Still Crazy About Video After All These Years


Twin Galaxies honored Jerry Parker, Mayor of Ottumwa, who declared the city the Video Game Capital of the World, with his own trading card.

Walter Day, patriarch of Twin Galaxies International, reminded that Nov. 30, marked the 35th anniversary of Ottumwa, Iowa, being dubbed the “Video Game Capital of the World.”

Wrote Walter: “While most city fathers were legislating against video games, Mayor Jerry Parker gained national prominence by bucking the trend when he made that proclamation back in 1982.

“This was a bold move and it earned headlines for Ottumwa around the world,” Walter continued. “Mayor Parker would go on to issue Mayoral proclamations that challenged Japan and Italy to video game championships…in Ottumwa. We honored Mayor Parker at an Aug. 13, 2009 ceremony when launching the campaign to create the ‘official’ International Video Game Hall of Fame in Ottumwa,” Walter added.


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