Stern Rocks San Diego Comic-Con


Stern Pinball wowed attendees of the annual San Diego, Calif., Comic-Con International event with appearances by rock icon Ozzy Osbourne and legendary comic artist Todd McFarland. The pinball maker once again set up a mini pinball arcade at their booth annual comic enthusiast show held at the San Diego Convention Center from July 21-24.


Stern Pinball at Comic-Con 2022 - Todd McFarlane and Ozzy Osbourne

Icons Todd McFarlane and Ozzy Osbourne wowed the crowd at the Stern Pinball booth at Comic-Con 2022 held in San Diego, Calif., from July 21-24.

Stern’s Zach Sharpe said Osbourne’s appearance was historic and record-breaking. “He set a record for the largest signing on the convention room floor with fans lined up for hours alongside iconic artist, Todd McFarlane,” he said. It was a big deal indeed with the Stern booth collaboration generating over 100 pieces of media coverage, including being highlighted by Reuters and Entertainment Tonight. Attached are a few pictures and a video recap of this year’s massive success at San Diego Comic-Con at the Stern Pinball booth!



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